First Mini Lesson – Complete Sentences

Today, my classes were ready for their first mini-lesson in our Interactive Writing Notebooks!  I presented the lesson slide, did a few samples together in class and then got to notebooking!

First, we created a Table of Contents page.
I gave my students the choice to color or make a flap to put their notes.  They could use tape or glue sticks.  Most of them chose tape!  The important thing is that they are getting the right information into the notebooks.

Here is one with flap.  It actually flips up.  She taped the top.

I also showed my students how to get to my blog and where to find the “ELA Online Games” tab. There are a couple games for subjects and predicates.  I shared my blog with my parents also.  You are welcome to send your parents to my site for the games as well!  Tomorrow, we will work on an independent printable for extra practice then move onto the next lesson…..RUN-Ons!

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