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A Few of My Favorite Things

Can you believe that it is time to welcome students through the door?  I had Meet the Teacher last night and got to see all those sweet faces!  I think I am finally ready but have one more day to work on little things.  In preparing for the coming weeks, I am super excited to share a few products that I came across.

First off, if you believe in Project-Based Learning, you need to skip on over to Plan a Field Trip from Performing in Fifth Grade.  She has several projects with different themes and even has a bundle of all her Project-Based Learning products.  This stretches students’ minds and helps them explore their creativity.  LOVE IT!
Second, Teacher Next Door has an amazing Inference Bundle!  She uses Literature and Informational Text.  It is geared towards 4th-5th.  There are worksheets, task cards, posters, games and activities!  You get 124 pages of great resources for only $9!  Seriously?  You can’t beat that!  This skill can be tough for elementary students and this will certainly help!  Inference Bundle
Next, I start off the year with Geography and Teaching Ideas 4 U has a fabulous interactive notebook for United States Geography.  It is for 5th grade but I can certainly tweak it for 4th.  Geography includes territories, latitude/longitude, regions, waterways, plains, etc, etc.  Can you believe you get all of this for only $4?
And to go along with interactive notebooking, my grade level just planned for the first couple weeks in Interactive Writing Notebooks.  Super Excited.  Last year, it was a huge hit with amazing results.  It is very teacher-friendly and walks you through Narrative-Opinion-Informative writing with tons and tons of mini-lessons!  Interactive Writing Notebooks
Now that you’ve heard about my favorite things, take advantage of TPT sale tomorrow!  

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