Now that you have finished Mini Lesson #6- Relevant Details, it is time to finalize the paragraph with a CLOSING SENTENCE!  FYI-  This lesson is for ending a paragraph not a concluding paragraph for the end of an essay.  That will come later!   MINI LESSON #7:  CLOSING SENTENCE


1.  Teach:  A closing sentence is the concluding sentence. Close the door to the paragraph!

  • It summarizes the main ideas or feeling of a paragraph.
  • It is not a relevant detail in the paragraph.
  • Use a “clincher” to be creative with the closing sentence!  (question, humor, excitement, or a future thought)



For example:

Example paragraph:

Summer weather lets me play outside.  I have fun under the sprinkler with my brother.  We run through the water and scream each time!  It is refreshing to swim in the lake too.  At night, I play hide and seek with my friends.  I usually hide behind a big bush.  I love when the weather is warm!
Other examples of clinchers for the same paragraph:
Question:  Do you like to play outside in the warm weather?
Humor:  Warm weather is like hitting the lottery!
Excitement:  I love it when the weather is warm!
Future:  I can’t wait for the next warm day!



2.  Take Notes:  When students take notes and show examples, it will provide them with a reference when writing paragraphs in the future.

use clinchers in a closing sentence
3.  Apply:  Use the HAMBURGER MODEL to put ideas together from the lessons: Topic sentence, relevant details, and closing sentences.  Then write the paragraph out and highlight the closing sentence or clincher.  Then have students share with their shoulder partner, group, or whole class.  DO YOU WANT THIS ORGANIZER FOR FREE?  CLICK ON THE BURGER BELOW!
4.  Go Deeper:  This is a great opportunity for teaching or differentiating with clinchers.
5.  Practice:  Students should practice this skill.  First identify the closing sentence, then writing a closing sentence and writing clinchers.  Task cards are an effective tool to use during center time.  You are welcome to use the examples below when creating materials for your own class.

7. Assessment and Tracking:
Assess and track some of the students’ work for future small instructional groups and review!

I hope you and your students have a good understanding on how to close a paragraph!  The next mini lesson #8 is on Creating a Table of Contents and Grading Writing Notebooks.


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