Writing Mini Lesson #11- Prewriting for Narrative Essay

Moving forward from Elements of Narrative Writing, we are ready to ROCK ‘N’ WRITE!!!!  I am going to jump back in time and use part of a post from last year and mix it with some examples and ideas from this year!

I love love love our notebooks and referring back to our previous lessons!  I hold my little elves accountable for the skills already introduced!  For example, since we’ve already covered complete sentence structure and paragraph writing, I expect my class to use these skills in their writing.  I even have my Math/Science partner on board and she keeps them accountable too!  Woo woo!

Step One of the Writing Process is PREWRITING.  Let the writing begin!!!!!  I showed my class this poster about brainstorming:

Next, I showed my class the next poster and I talked out loud so they could hear my thinking.  I used “A Shattered Window.”  I talked about why I chose it for my writing and how I could come up with many ideas to go along with it.  Then I showed this slide that shows different scenarios for the shattering of the window.
We added a few more ideas to the list together, then it was their turn to brainstorm ideas.  I gave them a light bulb to place in their interactive notebooks and asked them to take notes on ideas that they could possibly choose and add as many as they want.  Then they chose one for the plot of their own essay and placed it under the light bulb.  I showed the students how to cut the bottom, paste only the bottom and the top of the bulb.  Then lift up the bulb to write their choice.  I have some creative students who wanted to make their light bulb interactive differently and I absolutely allowed it!  
My students enjoyed coming up with ideas and working in their notebooks.  I can’t wait to see them build a mystery with each tiny little mini lesson!  I explained that we will take weeks and weeks to write one story so they could see each important step!

Next lesson:  Stay tuned for task, purpose, and audience

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