Writing Mini Lesson #17- Writing the Body Section of a Narrative Essay

Writing the Body Section of a Narrative Essay

After the introduction of a narrative essay, the next step is to write the body of the paper.  It is important to keep the events in sequential order.  Explain that this is the middle of the story where characters are developed and events show a heightened suspense and climax.  It needs to unfold naturally.  This is a great place to bring out the hamburger model to remind them that it is the “meat” of the story!  I like to explain the reason of using three fantabulous events to expound upon as having the Power of 3.  It is the perfect number of events for your story.  Then give details details details of each!  Review the slide of The Power of 3 and the class example with the students.  Or have the class develop the example together.  Last, have your writers take notes on the Body section and Power of 3.


If students need more practice or you would like to reinforce this lesson, provide prompts for the students to write 3 events for each.  Here are some samples below.

I hope your students can develop a creative body for your paper!  Stay tuned for the next writing mini lesson #18- Creating Suspense and Climax!
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