Writing Mini Lesson #26- Revising a Narrative Essay- Rearrange

     Writing mini lesson #25 was DARE to revise- A- for Adding details and transition words.  This lesson will focus on DARE to Revise- R- for Rearranging!

Rearranging is an important step to revising.  Rearrange text so that it is logical and effective.  If one or more sentences are not in the right order so that the paragraph makes sense, rearrange!  Move it to the correct spot in the paragraph.

     It makes more sense for the sequence of the story to have the boys break out in laughter after Bob asks them if they saw his phone.  The story already said they were laughing.  Now the story is taken to the next level when they laughed at his question.  FYI-  Later in the revision process, more words are changed to make it an even stronger paragraph.

Also, make sure the details are relevant to the topic of the paragraph.  If they are not relevant, it is time to rearrange!  Move it to another paragraph!  I hope this helped you and your student(s) understand one more step to revising!

Next writing mini lesson #27- will be DARE to revise- E for- Exchange- (Rockin Beginnings)
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