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How to Organize Your Classroom Library

Are you looking for a classroom library system that works?

1. First purchase labels. Any 3/4 inch dot labels will work, but the ones below are my FAVORITE! I love them because they offer 10 different colors. Click the picture for the Neon Labels if you would like the same ones.

Most labels (these included) offer a blank template to customize! Abbreviate the genre, author, etc.

2. Print or make book bin labels.

Ideas to label: This shows 4 different sizes for different book bins sizes.




Subject Topics


Book Levels

Students- Yes! I give each student a number and label their textbooks, notebooks, binders, EVERYTHING!

3. Label the books and the book bins the same color dot. I’ve done it with and without the customized label dots and they both work! Students can recognize the color quickly to find the right basket! See below on how to label.

Do you need labels for your classroom?

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