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    Step-by-Step Writing Program with Interactive Notebooks

      Step-by-Step Writing is an effective writing program used in thousands of classrooms. It is a complete writing curriculum full of engaging lessons and resources. Using a scaffolding approach helps students understand how writing builds from basic sentence structure to a polished essay. Do you have reluctant writers? No worries! They will beg you to write! Through my 26 years of teaching, I struggled to find the right fit for my students. I had so many reluctant writers. That is why…

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  • Reading

    How to Teach Theme

    Are your students having trouble identifying theme within a story? This step-by-step process scaffolds through several reading comprehension skills to help students get a thorough understanding of theme. Students will be…

  • Crafts, Social Studies

    Arctic Region Igloo Craft

    Do your social studies standards include studying the indigenous peoples of the Arctic region? A fun way to celebrate their fascinating culture is to do an igloo craft. This post will…

  • Poetry

    Step-by-Step to Effective Poetry Analysis

    Are you looking for ways to help students analyze poetry effectively? This post will share step-by-step ideas to help your students with poetry analysis. When you are finished, they will be…

  • Writing

    A Series of Step-By-Step Writing Mini Lessons

    Are you looking for ideas to help your students become successful writers? This post outlines the table of contents for  30+ writing mini lessons that has proven to help students write…