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    Poetry Linky Party

    I am so excited that I figured out how to link my image for the party back to my blog!  Oh the joys of the little things in life. document.write(‘…

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    Poetry Portfolio with Adorable Templates!

    New Item:To go along with my popular Poetry Slam product, I created student templates to use for the final copy.  I have several ideas for this cute little booklet.  It can…

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    This is the perfect time of year to teach limericks!  Leprechauns and St. Patty fun!  Speaking of fun, I have to share my wonderful time in DC!  I got to see…

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    Acrostic and BioPoems

    I like to start off the year with Acrostic Poems. Then we work on Biopoems.  These are so precious!  I put these in the front of their writing portfolios.  I put…

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    Haiku Poetry

    We had so much fun writing Haikus!  We read Grandfather’s Journey which is a wonderful biography about a Japanese man who travels back and forth from the US to Japan.  He…

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    Poetry Month Ideas!!!!

    Since I am on spring break right now, I am not in the classroom.  However, I am always searching through amazing ideas from teachers all over the world.  EVEN WITH MY…