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  • Reading

    How to Teach Text Evidence

    Are your students having trouble finding answers in their reading?  This STEP-BY-STEP process will help them! Students will learn the acronyms for ACE and RAP to provide them with the proper…

  • Social Studies

    Native American Unit

    This is one of my favorite units! It motivates students to want to learn about the Native Americans of North America (Eastern Woodlands, Great Plains, Southwest, Northwest Coast, Southeast). I have…

  • Reading

    Guide Words

    Do your students struggle with the concept of finding words on the same page as the guide words?  When I have my students write a list of words in ABC order,…

  • Reading, Writing

    Mystery Book Report- 5 Steps

    My kids love mysteries!  After my fourth graders picked a good mystery book and read it from cover to cover, we created Mystery Book Reports.  Although this is included in my…

  • Projects, Writing

    Nursery Rhyme Mysteries

    These were so stinkin fun!  I started off by telling my fourth graders they were going to read some Nursery Rhymes and they all looked at me like I was off…