New Item:
To go along with my popular Poetry Slam product, I created student templates to use for the final copy.  I have several ideas for this cute little booklet.  It can be printed and put together as a whole sheet or students can cut along the line to create a half-size booklet and keep the instruction page in their writing notebook.  I would staple at the top for the 1/2 size.  Another idea is to cut and paste them into a booklet made out of construction paper where both sides can be used.  I didn’t create page numbers on purpose.  I want my students to create them along with a Table of Contents.  This also allows other teachers to pick and choose the poems for their class.  I will have students write rough drafts and revisions in their writer’s notebook and final copies onto the booklet.  I included a rubric too!

Poems included:  Acrostic, Couplet, Quatrain, Cinquain, Diamante, Haiku, Limerick, Ballad, Parody, Lyrics, Bio Poem, Concrete, Free Verse, Informative.

Link to Poetry Portfolio


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