Step-by-Step Reading is a series of effective reading units used in thousands of classrooms. It is full of engaging lessons and resources. A scaffolding approach helps students understand what they are reading. Research shows that building from a basic reading skill to a more complex one not only develops, but strengthens reading comprehension.

Do your student(s) need help with reading comprehension? 

No worries! Through my 26 years of teaching, I struggled to find the right fit for my students. I had so many readers who didn’t understand the text they were reading. That is why I decided to teach students how to comprehend their reading with step-by-step lessons. Over the years, I found ways to engage, motivate and help improve students’ reading comprehension by leaps and bounds! Now I am ready to share my secrets!

Does your reading program lack a step-by-step approach?

These units are for you! The scaffolded lessons are thoroughly laid out to make you a ROCK STAR in your classroom! It is a comprehensive resource aligned to Common Core with everything you need for each skill. Whether you are a new teacher or a veteran teacher looking for an effective approach, you will find many gems in these units. If for any reason you need help, I am just an email away!

I would love to celebrate your success too! Click on the skill (or bundle) you need or scroll for more information.

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What units are available?


What do you get with the units?

  1. Anchor Charts for every step in the unit
  2. EMAIL SUPPORT- Are you struggling with your instruction? Email me!
  3. Differentiated Passages 
  4. Interactive notebook pages
  5. Mentor Text Suggestions
  6. A MODEL of every step in the unit
  7. Task Cards and Practice worksheets
  8. Activities
  9. Assessments
  10. Reading Response page
  11. Graphic Organizer
  12. Tracking Chart

What will students gain from step-by-step reading units?

  • Students will transform from poor comprehension of text to EXCELLENT COMPREHENSION OF TEXT.
  • Students will have a notebook full of reading skills to use as a reference.
  • Students will be motivated to learn.
  • Students will know how to dive into a text and pick it apart for understanding.
  • Students will learn tools necessary to comprehend fiction and nonfiction text.
  • Students will apply what they learn in their own reading.
  • Students will master COMMON CORE READING STANDARDS.
Text Evidence Notebook Example:


What are other educators saying?

  • It has enhanced my students’ ability to provide text evidence so much!
  • Thanks for providing this invaluable resource.
  • I just used the strategy with another article and it was a SUCCESS!
  • You so thoughtfully broke down this standard so that my students could fully understand every aspect of it.
  • I used these during reading groups and had great success with them!
  • It helped me teach such a difficult concept to students in my classroom.
  • I appreciate that there are different levelled passages included.
  • This worked perfectly to help improve my students inference skills.
  • It includes so many different types of activities.
  • Excellent and fun resources!

How do you teach step-by-step reading skills?

The units are designed to teach in this order:

  1.  Introduce the skill.
  2.  Provide examples and model.
  3.  Show the skill in a mentor text.
  4.  Take notes to use as a future reference.
  5.  Practice with activities, worksheets, task cards, and passages.
  6.  Apply with graphic organizers and reading response sheets using any text.
  7.  Assess student knowledge. 
  8.  Track student progress.

Click on a unit to see what all the buzz is about!


It is a WIN WIN for you and your students!