Monthly Door Decor or Bulletin Board for Character Education

Monthly Door Decor or Bulletin Board for Character Education


This character building writing activity is perfect to place on a door or bulletin board. Students will learn about different character traits and have the opportunity to write about the “good” found in themselves and others. There are 11 super cute designs with signs, student templates, and other decor to complete the decor!

Designs completed:

1. August- Be a Pineapple- Stand Tall, Wear a Crown, and Be Sweet on the Inside. “He/she should wear a crown for the day because… ” (14 Character Traits and meanings) Set the stage for the year! Pick a student to be Queen or King for the week and share their pineapple!

2. September- Be HELPFUL Like Johnny Appleseed! “______ is helpful by _____.

3. October- Be BRAVE if You Dare! “________ is brave by __________” (There is a version for those who can’t celebrate Halloween too.)

4. November- Be THANKFUL! Everyone has something to be thankful for. “I am thankful for __________.”

5. December- (Your Name) CLASS HAS THE GIFT OF GIVING. “I can be giving by ________________.”

6. January- (Your Name) CLASS WILL PERSEVERE IN THE NEW YEAR. “I will PERSEVERE to ________________.”

7. February- (Your Name) Class is Honest Like Abe. “I am honest by _______”

8. February or Any time- (Your Name) Class is So Sweet! “What we love about ____”

9. March- (Your Name) Class is So Lucky! “I am lucky because (another student’s name) ….. ”

10. April- (Your Name) Class Cares About the Earth. “I care about the earth by…”

11. May- (Your Name) Class Can Bee Loyal! “I can be loyal by…”

Included in all the Door Decor:

✓ Signs- Many choices (There is one editable to add the teacher’s name.)

✓ A related prompt for Character Education

✓ Idea Chart- A list of ideas for the students to help when brainstorming.

✓ Student Templates- a variety of sizes

✓ Differentiated Spacing- Each student template comes with a variety of line sizes and spaces.

✓ Ink Saving- All decor has color as well as black and white options to print on your choice of color.

✓ Decorations- Each resource has other decorating printables to decorate the door or bulletin board.

✓ Editable Sign- You can add your name to the sign!

*Some of the resources give the option to write about someone else. This helps students find the GOOD in others.

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