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What can I do if I am having difficulty printing or opening PDF?

1. Please work from a computer, not a tablet or phone.

2. Since I use the most up-to-date PDF software, please update your Adobe reader: https://get.adobe.com/reader/

3. If you are on a Mac, view it in Adobe Reader, not “Preview”.

4. Another suggestion is clicking “print as image”.

I entered my email for a FREE download but I haven't received it. What should I do?

Please be sure you have:

*Entered the correct email

*Waited at least 10 minutes

*Checked your Spam or Promotions folder

If you are still having issues please email info@rockinresources.com for help.

What is the difference between the individual grade level bundles and the combined grade level bundles?

Grade Level bundles include the specific CCSS standards. Schools and districts use the grade level bundles because each grade has different modeling, mentor text, practice pages, task cards, passages, prompts, etc.


The 3-5 bundle has general standards and is completely editable. It is ideal for special education teachers or teachers who teach multiple grade levels. It also works well for those who teach a different type of English since this is written in American English. The teacher can edit the pages needed.

What is the difference between grade level writing bundles?

Lines – Primary (Grades 1-2) has primary lines.

Mentor Text Suggestions- all different

Anchor Charts- Grades 1-2 are similar, 3-5 are similar, 6-8 are similar with some skills growing from grade-to-grade.

Modeling- all different

Practice- all different

Differentiated Interactive pages- Primary

-Primary has simple pages to cut out (mostly foldable and pockets).

-Primary also has less items to cut out. (The title is included on the interactive shape and there are no standards to cut out.)

-3 versions- All notes included, text frames, or mini anchor charts

Upper Elementary/Middle

-4 versions- All notes included, sentence frames for fill-in-the-blank, lines for notes, mini anchor charts

What do all writing bundles include?

Mentor Text Suggestions

Scripted Lesson Plans

Anchor Charts

Modeling through prompts

Practice worksheets and task cards

Interactive Pages


Prompts- Passage prompts and task card prompts

Student Resource booklet

Dictionaries/word lists


Checklists, Forms, Rubrics

Cover pages and tabs

Pacing guide

I need more help or support what should I do?

We know you’re a ROCKSTAR, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t use a little back up sometimes!

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