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At Rockin Resources® we believe all educators are ROCKSTARS. That’s why we are committed to creating STEP-BY-STEP™ teaching tools to engage and inspire your learners for the ultimate performance!

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AMP up your instruction by using Rockin Resources to MOTIVATE, EDUCATE, and DIFFERENTIATE! We are passionate about creating high-quality educational materials that teachers can use to engage students while outperforming grade-level standards. Most importantly, there is proven success. Let's raise the bar!



  • CONFIDENT: Transform students from reluctant learners to confident learners.

  • ENGAGE: Provide students with creative lessons to keep their attention.

  • EXCITE: Watch your students look forward to your lessons and get excited to learn.



  • STEP-BY-STEP:  Guide students through mini-lesson with a proven step-by-step method.

  • STANDARD-BASED:  Use standard-based instruction to meet district expectations.

  • MODEL:  Show already prepped examples and modeling for deeper understanding.



  • VARIETY:  Offer a variety of learning strategies to meet the needs of all students.

  • LEVELING: Provide assignments with different learning levels, so all students can learn.

  • CHOICE: Give students choices to empower them, build trust, and encourage learning.



Throughout my teaching career, I was often discouraged by the lack of instructional tools to do my job effectively. I spent countless hours searching for ways to help my students have a thorough understanding of every standard.

After seeing what didn’t work, I decided I needed something new. Something that would be easy, fun, and most importantly include everything I needed for student success in the classroom.  

That’s how my signature Step-by-Step™ technique was born! And WOW did it ROCK!

These activities not only make learners more successful, but they are so engaged

In fact, research proves that a scaffolding approach used in my resources not only develops, but strengthens student learning. I am so excited to be able to share it with you. 

Discover more about this proven Step-by-Step™ approach for reading and writing in the articles below! 




What is Step-by-Step Writing®? It is a step-by-step method that uses mini-lessons through the writing process. It shows students how to write powerful sentences, paragraphs, and essays. Each scaffolded mini-lesson builds upon each other in the perfect order for the ultimate writing success. 


What is Step-by-Step Reading? It is a step-by-step process that revisits fundamental reading skills necessary when students are learning more challenging ones. The scaffolding approach to learning reading skills helps students dive deep into the text which has proven to enhance reading comprehension.


Rockin Resources is dedicated to creating curriculum for grade levels 1-8 that is not only engaging but also standard-based. Along with our resources, Pam provides the personal support you need as a teacher.

Upon purchasing my signature program, we have a Step-by-Step Writing Facebook group where we offer hands-on support to anyone who needs help with our resources.

Discover some of my TOP-SELLING resources.



“Holy Guacamole!!! This is by far the BEST WRITING RESOURCE I have ever purchased!

Teaching writing is hard, and teaching writing to little people is even harder, but this is so fun and broken down into manageable steps without making you pull your hair out. THANK YOU!!!”


Writing Teacher

“This is an excellent, scaffolded product! Rockin’ Resources has beautifully broken the ACE process into manageable pieces which are especially helpful to those students who required a bit more practice. I am using the resource with my LD students, but others would benefit from it as well. The three lexile levels allow varying levels to practice the same material, but at the appropriate reading level. Brilliant!”

Krattenmaker K.

Reading Teacher

“Should have bought the whole pack! I was looking for a year-long overview of US History for my 4th grader that didn’t require a history book. This is perfect. From the short readings for each topic, to the suggested videos and books. Plus some really fun activities to break up the monotony of reading and fill out this worksheet. The lesson plans have made planning out our year super easy.”

Rachel F.

Social Studies Teacher

Hi There, I'm Pam!

I’m super excited that you are here! My name is Pam Olivieri and I would love to make your job easier! It is safe to say I LOVE digging deep into standards, I LOVE creating curriculum, I LOVE helping teachers, and yes, I LOVE 80’s rock music! 🙂
With my career achievements of 26 years in the classroom, a Master’s Degree, a National Board Certification, and a Gifted and Talented Certification under my belt, I gained the knowledge and experience needed to create successful strategies to use in the classroom. Through trial and error, I found strategies that WORK! These tips and strategies help MOTIVATE students, show ways to EDUCATE through a scaffolding approach and provide ideas to DIFFERENTIATE instruction so the individual needs of your students are met. Now, I want to share my secrets with you!
If making your job easier is music to your ears, then get ready to experience record-breaking results! With Rockin’ Resources by your side, you are going to be legendary!