Step-by-Step Writing® is an effective writing program used in thousands of classrooms. It is a complete writing curriculum full of engaging lessons and resources for writer’s workshop. Using a scaffolding approach helps students understand how writing builds from basic sentence structure to a polished essay. 

Do you have reluctant writers?

No worries! They will beg you to write! Through my 26 years of teaching, I struggled to find the right fit for my students. I had so many reluctant writers. That is why I decided to create my own writing program. Over the years, I’ve perfected it to not only motivate students, but to improve their writing by leaps and bounds!

Do you lack confidence when you teach writing?

This program is for you! The scripted lessons are thoroughly laid out to make you a ROCK STAR in your classroom! It is a comprehensive resource aligned to Common Core with everything you need for your writing workshop. Whether you are a new teacher or a veteran teacher looking for an effective approach, you will find many gems in this resource. If for any reason you need help, I am just an email away! I have been a writing coach for several years and will guide you through the writing process!

I would love to celebrate your success too! Click on your grade level to start an effective approach to writing workshop or scroll for more information.

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What units are covered in the program?


What do you get with the program?

  1. Scripted lessons with differentiation
  2. EMAIL SUPPORT- Are you struggling with your instruction? Email me!
  3. Pacing guide
  4. Anchor Charts for every lesson
  5. Differentiated interactive notebook pages
  6. Mentor Text lists and how to use them
  7. A MODEL of each type of writing scaffolded from prewriting to a final copy
  8. Practice worksheets
  9. Task cards
  10. Forms, checklists, rubrics
  11. Million Dollar Word dictionary and spelling dictionary
  12. Writing prompt cards
  13. Weekly writing format
  14. Final copy templates
  15. All future updates and add-ons.

What will students gain from this writing program?

  • Students will transform from reluctant writers to CONFIDENT WRITERS.
  • Students will have a notebook full of writing tools to use as a reference.
  • Students will be motivated to learn.
  • Students will know how to write a complete sentence.
  • Students will learn the elements of a paragraph.
  • Students will apply what they learn to write an effective essay.
Interactive Writing Notebook Example:

What are other educators saying?

  • It makes otherwise boring instruction engaging.
  • The children are learning without realizing it!
  • Every aspect of this product is well thought out and meaningful.
  • My writing scores were off the charts!
  • The pacing guide is extremely helpful to make sure all standards are taught.
  • Homeschooling was never so easy! It is a life saver!
  • I love how this unit breaks down each step into manageable steps.
  • My writing instruction just got about 200% better.
  • I am using it with my RTI class and they keep asking me when they can write.
  • I like how it is structured. The notebooks are organized.
  • It has everything you need to help create thoughtful, creative writers.
  • Students have a binder of writing tools they can use for many years to come.
  • I truly get excited when teaching now and the enthusiasm infects my students..
  • It allows for differentiation and the kids like it very much.
  • Writing is no longer a nightmare for me and we look forward to writing again!
  • This has saved me time and has helped my students tremendously.


What is the difference between grade levels and combination bundles?

Each grade level has different mentor text, modelled stories, practice, task cards, prompt cards, etc. Many anchor charts and interactive pages are consistent with the surrounding grade levels due to the writing standards being so similar. Repetition has proven to be a successful strategy in education. As students go through the writing process each year, they have a better chance to retain the skills necessary to write a quality essay.

The combination bundles are editable and have generic standards. They are ideal for bilingual teachers, those not using common core, and those who teach multiple grade levels.

Click your grade level to see what all the buzz is about!

It is a WIN WIN for you and your students!



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