Paragraph Writing Video Bundle

Paragraph Writing Video Bundle


You can download and place it in Google Classroom too! These 4 videos FOR PARAGRAPH WRITING explain TOPIC SENTENCES, INDENTS, RELEVANT DETAILS, TRANSITION WORDS, AND CLOSING SENTENCES. Each video gives the meaning of the lesson, provides examples, shows how to identify it in a paragraph, and then asks students to apply their knowledge. The answers are given following each one so the instructor can pause to give students more time to respond or discuss.

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How can you download the video?

Once you purchase, it is located in the supporting document and you will be able to download it. It is also streamed on TPT.

How can you use these videos?

1. Show it on a screen in the classroom: Project it from a smart board or your device. (Awesome for homeschool parents and substitutes! Leave the teaching to me!)

2. Send it electronically: This works well for students who are absent or for students to watch on their own device.

3. Centers: Place it on a device in a center for students to access.

4. Small Groups: Use it as a review for reteaching.


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