Student Writing Resources for Middle School

Student Writing Resources for Middle School


This reference guide is ideal for middle school students to use during independent writing assignments. Whether it is class work, center work, writing workshop, or homework, it provides quality writing strategies and techniques. The pages can be placed in a folder, in a booklet, and/or displayed in a writing center. It helps eliminate questions and shows students ways to write effectively.

This resource is fully EDITABLE!

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What is included?

★ Cover Page (2 versions)

★ Table of Contents

★ Paragraph Writing Techniques

★ Identifying Purpose

★ Using Formal Style

★ Rockin’ Beginnings (How to write an exciting introduction)

★ Dialogue

★ Variety of Sentences

★ Jammin’ Conclusions (How to write an effective conclusion)

★ Transition Words

★ Character Traits List (2-pages)

★ Editing Rules (6-pages) Capitalization, Usage, Punctuation, Spelling

★ Writing Process (What to do with each step)

★ Writing Checklists (Narrative, Argumentative, Informative)

★ Argumentative Words and Phrases for strong claims

★ Argurmentative Words and Phrases to ignite persuasion

★ Types of Evidence

★ Million Dollar Words- Examples of Stronger Words

FAAVS- Figurative Language, Adjectives, Adverbs, Strong Verbs, Sense Words

★ Million Dollar Dictionary- (3-pages)- There is room to write in more words too

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