Monthly Writing Prompts

Monthly Writing Prompts


MONTHLY WRITING PROMPTS are perfect for morning writing activities, centers and homework! Each month has 24 highly engaging prompts related to that particular month. There are 4 prompts for each type of writing:









What is included?

★ Signs: A variety of signs to choose for center

★ Cover pages: For each month, there is a cover page for student notebooks.

★ Pockets and Tabs: For each month there is a pocket and tab for student notebooks or centers

★ Pockets: For each type of writing, there is a pocket for centers.

★ Labels: There is one label for each month- Great for storing the prompt cards!

★ Prompts: 24 prompts per month (January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December)

★ Graphic Organizers: There are two types of organizers 1. for paragraph writing 2. for essay writing

★ Writing Checklists: There is a link to get free checklists.


1. Choose a sign for your center.

2. Choose whether you want to display the monthly pockets or the types of writing pockets.

3. Print the cover page for student notebooks. NOTEBOOKS: Recommended- 200 pages (100 sheets)- Use front and back.

4. Print either the monthly pocket or the monthly cover page and tab for student notebooks. If using color paper, print the tab the same color. For the notebooks, I suggest paper, not card stock. It will get too heavy.

How To Put the Notebook Together: I suggest to do them per month, not assign so many pages per month and put them together all at one time. Why? Each month has different school days. Although there are 24 prompts per month, there are only 20 weekdays in a month and some months are less due to holidays, teacher workdays, etc.

5. Print the task cards for the month. Since there are 24, you will have plenty for the month! To save on ink, you can print them black and white and/or on color paper. I like card stock for the centers.

6. Decide if you want to assign a prompt or have students choose. There are 4 prompts per type of writing: Narrative, Opinion, Informative, Descriptive, Persuasive, How-To

7. Once you assign a prompt, have the student write the prompt at the top of the page. OR Optional: Resize the task cards and have students paste them at the top of the page. Go to print, choose multiple, then custom, then 1X2.

8. Hand out a graphic organizer: I’ve included a paragraph graphic organizer and an essay graphic organizer. I also have a packet of free graphic organizers in my store. Paste the organizer on one side and write on the other. To save space, you can tape the graphic organizer over the writing when completed.

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