Notice, Think, Wonder – Critical Thinking

Notice, Think, Wonder – Critical Thinking


Notice, Think, Wonder – Critical Thinking Worksheets This activity has 20 quality photographs that provoke curiosity and one blank one to add your own. It is a great way to encourage a critical thinking conversation!


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This activity works well on the smart board for whole group discussion, printed off for group discussion or sent electronically to work on independently before a discussion. You will be amazed at how much students will notice, think, and wonder about one illustration.

Notice Think and Wonder is a great tool to encourage Critical Thinking!

NOTICE:  What do you notice in the image? Look closely at all the details. What do you see?

THINK: Think deeper. With the things you noticed in the image, what are you thinking about? What may be happening when the image was created?

WONDER: Think even deeper. What do you wonder about the image? What does it make you question? What needs more clarification?


***A blank template is provided to add your own image!


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