Poetry Analysis Using Lyrics

Poetry Analysis Using Lyrics


Do you want to motivate your students to learn poetry elements? Analyze lyrics from a variety of artists! There are ten song lyric links with artist, song title and questions to follow. Also included is a general list of questions to analyze poetry elements with any song!

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Some poetry elements included in the questions are:

★ Rhyme Scheme

★ Poet’s purpose

★ Figurative Language

★ Mood/Tone

★ Meaning of the Lyrics

I like to teach one a month and my students beg for me to do more! I download the song for them to listen to as well! At the end of the year, they get to bring in their own lyrics to analyze with their peers. We jam out!

Links are provided for lyrics and songs. Questions are included for:

1. Fly Like an Eagle – Steve Miller Band

2. Killing Me Softly- Roberta Flack

3. Rock in the U.S.A.- John Mellencamp

4. Never Grow Up- Taylor Swift

5. Beautiful Day- U2

6. Hero- Mariah Carey

7. Dance with My Father- Luther Vandross

8. It’s My Life- Jon Bon Jovi

9. Happy- Pharrell Williams

10. Automatic- Miranda Lambert

11. Questions for any lyrics

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