7th Grade Printable Argumentative Writing Unit

7th Grade Printable Argumentative Writing Unit


Do you need help teaching 7TH GRADE WRITING – ARGUMENTATIVE WRITING? This Step-by-Step Writing® Unit has EVERYTHING needed to teach 7th Grade Argumentative Writing. The research-based unit from the 7th-grade writing program was specifically designed for teachers and homeschool parents to EASILY follow through the WRITING PROCESS with already prepped anchor charts, scripted lesson plans, modeled lessons, original mentor text, and practice. Every lesson builds upon the previous skill within one piece of essay writing, which gives students a thorough understanding of how to put a quality argumentative essay together. You will turn your reluctant writers into ROCKSTAR WRITERS®! See preview!

★ If you need a digital version, click 6-8 Argumentative Essay Writing Digital.


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★ Scripted Lesson Plans

★ Model Writing (Included for every mini-lesson)

★ 5 Argumentative Passages

★ Anchor Charts

★ DIFFERENTIATED Interactive Pages

★ Practice Printables

★ Task Cards (Great for centers or extra practice)

★ Original Mentor Text

★ Suggested Mentor Text List

★ Argumentative Writing Checklist

★ Key Words and Phrases Lists (Introductions, Body, and Conclusions)

★ Common Core Opinion Elements Checklist

★ Writing Goals Form

★ Peer Reflection Form

★ Self-Reflection Form

★ Tracking Progress Form

★ Argumentative Writing Rubric (3-point and 4-point)

★ Weekly Writing Guide for Students for Essay of the Week

★ Writing Prompt Cards



1. What is an argumentative essay? Argumentative Strategies- Warrants, Rebuttals

2. 5 Types of Claims

3. Argumentative Elements

4. Prewriting- How to Brainstorm

5. Prewriting- Using Graphic Organizers

6. How to Determine Task, Audience, Purpose, Formal Style

8. Writing an Introduction

9. Writing a Body (Power of 3, facts and details)

10. How to Strengthen Claims

11. How to Take Notes, Avoid Plagiarism, Citing Sources

12. Credible Sources, Types of Evidence

13. Writing a Conclusion

14. Strategies to Write a Rough Draft

15. How to Plan a Writing Goal

16. DARE to Revise (How to Delete, Add, Rearrange, Exchange)

17. How to Write a Rockin’ Beginning (Strong Leads)

18. Using Transition Words, Clauses, Phrases

19. Adding Key Words and Phrases

20. How to Provide Sentence Variety

21. How to Write a Jammin’ Conclusion

22. How to Craft a Title

23. CUPS to Edit

24. Editing Capitalization

25. Editing Usage

26. Editing Punctuation

27. Editing Spelling

28. Rules for Peer Reflections

29. Writing a Final Copy


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