Book Report- Cereal Box Biography

Book Report- Cereal Box Biography


This cereal book report is a favorite among students! They love to come up with creative titles and advertisements for their biography/cereal. When presenting, it is fun to have students dress up as their person! All sections are completely editable. There is a Powerpoint and PDF version in the zipfile.


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Included in this resource:

★ Student Directions

★ Examples

★ Templates for small and large cereal boxes (sides, top, bottom)

★ Rubric

Front: Create a title using the person with the name of cereal (combine)

Back: Advertisement with both person and cereal in mind!

Side 1: Nutritional Facts: Bulleted facts about your person

Side 2. Ingredients: Reflection: How can you relate to this person?

Top: Person and broad sentence about him/her

Bottom: Book title and author


1. Explain the directions and show examples.

2. Students can cover boxes with construction paper or bulletin board paper.

3. Assign or have students choose a biography how examples.

4. Let their creative brains take over!


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