Charts for Tracking Health – Food Journal – Food Diary – Creating a Balance

Charts for Tracking Health – Food Journal – Food Diary – Creating a Balance



We all need to keep track of our health! Whether it is just keeping tabs on doctor visits and communication, or tracking our food intake to see what foods affect us, tracking health is important. Since there isn’t much downtime in the classroom or “me time” as a teacher, it can often be tough on your health. Make sure to take care of you and allow a balance. Your older self will thank you. I developed this food/balance journals and health journal to do just that. Everything is in one place and I can look back and see things over the years.

What is included?


  • Balance Poster
  • Balance Charts – monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly
  • Food Journals (vertical) – breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner, how I feel-   several varieties!
  • Foods to Avoid for each health issue
  • Foods to Eat – shopping list
  • Supplements Chart for each health issue
  • My Notes and Issues (I included this incase you have similar issues! Homework is done for you!)


  • This is the same as the varieties of vertical food journals. (My preference)


  • List of Doctors
  • Documenting Health Issues
  • Timeline of Procedures
  • List of Medications and Supplements
  • History of Medications
  • Family History
  • Immunizations
  • Health Journal  (Keep track of your issues, doctor’s visits, etc!)

I hope you find this helpful and stay healthy! Thank you for visiting my store!