Civil War Unit

Civil War Unit


This comprehensive CIVIL WAR UNIT includes all the information needed to teach the Civil War in your classroom. No textbook is needed! It includes well-crafted informational text in chronological order along with creative lessons, activities, and projects!

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The unit covers Informational Text and Student Printables for the following:

★ Causes of the Civil War

★ Civil War North and South Advantages

★ Civil War Border States Map

★ Harriet Tubman and Other Abolitionists

★ Civil War Loyalty Comparison

★ African Americans in the Civil War

★ Women in the Civil War

★ Battle of Fort Sumter

★ First Battle of Bull Run

★ Battle of Ironclads

★ Battle of Shiloh

★ Second Battle of Fort Sumter

★ Battle of Antietam

★ Battle of Fredericksburg

★ Emancipation Proclamation

★ Battle of Chancellorsville

★ Battle of Gettysburg

★ Battle of Vicksburg

★ Battle of Chickamauga

★ Battle of Chattanooga

★ Gettysburg Address

★ Battle of Cold Harbor

★ Sherman’s March to the Sea

★ Appomattox Court House

★ Thirteenth Amendment

★ Lincoln Gets Shot

★ Reconstruction

★★★★★★★★ Also included: ★★★★★★★★

1. Lesson Plans filled with ideas and weblinks

2. List of Events with summary in Chronological Order

3. Cover Page for Notebook

4. Important People Chart

5. CIVIL WAR Timeline Chart for Events

6. Learning Log

7. Civil War Study Guide and Test – See description of study guide and test


A STUDENT VERSION WAS ADDED. IT IS BEST USED WHEN STUDENTS HAVE THEIR OWN TABLET OR DEVICE! SEND THEM THE PDF! (Be careful not to put them on a public website. For copyright purposes, websites need to be password protected)

Skills Covered with Civil War Informational Text:

★ KWL Chart

★ Narrative Writing

★ Reading Comprehension

★ Notice Think Wonder

★ Point of View Comparison

★ Argumentative Writing

★ Map Skills

★ Text Evidence

★ SummarIzing

★ Loyalty Comparison

★ T-chart Comparison

★ Cause and Effect

★ Compare and Contrast

★ Journal Writing

★ Text Evidence

★ Vocabulary- Context Clues

★ Graphic Organizer

★ Concrete Poetry

★ 5 W’s

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