Essay of the Week Writing Homework

Essay of the Week Writing Homework


This weekly writing resource is perfect for giving students the tools necessary for writing essays independently. It not only includes the assignments and prompts, but the reference notes needed to complete an essay from the prewriting stage to a final copy. The directions are divided up from Monday-Thursday and show students what they need to do each day to write an effective essay. The directions, along with a student reference booklet and checklist, provide your students with the tools to complete the writing process from start to finish. Each assignment caters to that type of writing (NARRATIVE, OPINION, OR INFORMATIVE)

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★ 7-Page Student Reference Booklet

★ 3 Writing Checklists (1 for each type of writing)

★ 3 Graphic Organizers (1 for each type of writing)

★ 3 Anchor Posters (1 for each type of writing)

★ 18 Weekly Homework or Classwork Assignments (6 for each type of writing)

★ 6 Extra Homework pages without a prompt to add your own (2 versions for each type of writing)

★ 6 Different styles of final copy paper (all styles have two spacing options)

★ 3 Rubrics (1 for each type of writing)

The student reference booklet includes notes for:

1. Strong Leads

2. Body of the Paper

3. Topic Sentences/Relevant Details

4. Transition Words

5. Sequence

6. Word Choice

7. Variety of Sentences

8. Audience

9. Purpose

10. Dialogue

11. Strong Conclusions

12. Rules for Capitalization

13. Rules for Usage

14. Rules for Punctuation

15. Rules for Spelling

16. Writing Process

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