Differentiated Writing Graphic Organizers (DIGITAL & PRINT)

Differentiated Writing Graphic Organizers (DIGITAL & PRINT)


You will find 100+ Graphic Organizers in this resource!




With distance learning and centers, digital writing graphic organizers make it so much easier! Use these graphic organizers in GOOGLE and POWERPOINT for paragraph writing and essay writing!

After I get caught up on some other projects, I plan to add more and raise the price. If you purchase now, you will have all the future updates!

What organizers are included?

1. Paragraph Organizer- Hamburger Model

2. Essay Organizer- 5 paragraphs

How are they used?

Students can move the slides over for directions and a guide on how to use the organizer.

Click in the box and write!



There are different variations of organizers and differentiated line spacing for 6 types of writing and some for mini lessons! As a bonus, you will find organizers for any type of writing and shape organizers!

What is included?


• Complete Sentences

• Character Traits

• Dialogue

• Sequence of Events

• Plot

• Transition Words

• Word Choice

2. 6 TYPES OF WRITING: Narrative, Opinion, Informative, Descriptive, Persuasive, How-To

3. 4 DIFFERENT LINE SPACING: Differentiate in your classroom by reaching each student’s individual needs.

4. 3 VARIATIONS OF ORGANIZERS: Choose from the different organizers for paragraph or essay writing.

5. GENERAL ORGANIZERS: Do you want to print off organizers that can be used for any type of writing? No problem!

6. SHAPE ORGANIZERS: Get creative with different shapes of organizers.


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