Million Dollar Thesaurus

Million Dollar Thesaurus


This super cute mini thesaurus is for students to use during the revising step of the writing process! There are suggested words and blanks to add more words. It is ideal to place in a writing center or provide for individual student use. This Million Dollar Mini Thesaurus will have your students choosing $$$$$$$ words in their writing! I also include a blog post that will guide you in teaching million dollar words too.

Please note: If you are in the Rockstar Writers Professional Development, this is included in the Backstage Pass library (VIP access to a vault of resources exclusively available to Rockstar Writers) You can learn more:


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What is included?

8 printable pages

  • 1 mini cover page
  • 1 mini page of trash can words
  • 30 mini pages of synonyms “Instead of…..”

What synonyms are included?

  1. a lot
  2. afraid
  3. bad
  4. big
  5. cool
  6. cold
  7. excited
  8. fast
  9. fun
  10. funny
  11. great
  12. happy
  13. hot
  14. laugh
  15. like
  16. little
  17. look
  18. mad
  19. mean
  20. nice
  21. pretty
  22. run
  23. sad
  24. said
  25. show
  26. slow
  27. smart
  28. tired
  29. think
  30. ugly

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