Mystery Writing

Mystery Writing


Students will be excited to write with this adorable STEP-BY-STEP MYSTERY WRITING activity. Although I loved doing this unit around Halloween, it can be done any time during the year. Students love being detectives and using the detective journal!

PRINT OFF THE BADGES AND GET READY TO TAKE NOTES IN A DETECTIVE JOURNAL! You could even buy those little magnifying glasses so they can pretend they are detectives!

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What is included?

1. Badges: color and black and white version

2. Mystery Elements: Start off by explaining some vocabulary that goes along

with mysteries. There is a study sheet, I have who has game, and a quiz.

(Answer key is at the end)

3. Detective Notes: Give each student the tri-fold. (Print front to back)

4. Anchort Charts: Writing process and one for step of the writing process.

5. Graphic Organizer: 2 versions- Use it along with the “How to Organize” ideas anchor chart- 2 versions.

6. Writing Checklist: full page version and post-it version

7. Final Copy Templates: 2 versions. Each with 2 different lined spacing

8. Rubric

*** For fun: play Clue board games.

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