Word Choice Using Million Dollar Words- Editable!

Word Choice Using Million Dollar Words- Editable!


Get your students motivated to write with MILLION DOLLAR WORDS! When your students are done learning about WORD CHOICE with the step-by-step motivating and color-coding activities, you will see their writing become more detailed and descriptive! DOES YOUR DISTRICT USE DIFFERENT COLORS FOR PARTS OF SPEECH? NO PROBLEM! This resource also includes an editable Powerpoint for those pages.

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This mini lesson is also included in the NARRATIVE WRITING UNIT!


A list of mentor text, an example of mentor text for word choice, and how to use it.


Use the anchor charts to teach word choice in writing. I put them on my smart board and then add them as posters to our writing center.

Use the acronym the FAAVS:

Figurative Language




Sense Words

Point out that each letter represents a type of million dollar word and they each have a color to represent it. This is important for practicing because students will COLOR-CODE their sentences.

3. TAKE NOTES- There are 3 interactive notebook pages to take notes. Picture samples of the pages are given with the pages.


★ A student resource page to place in notebooks for reference.

★ A-Z Million Dollar Dictionary with descriptive words and lines to add more.

5. CENTER OR SMALL GROUP PRACTICE- There are TASK CARDS that scaffold from choosing the best million dollar word for the sentence to writing sentences including descriptive words. Student directions are included to post in the center.

6. INDEPENDENT PRACTICE/ASSESSMENTS- Write a million dollar sentence and color code it. You have a choice of a variety of templates and it is perfect for a BULLETIN BOARD! There is also a bulletin board sign and extra $ signs to print for decoration along with ideas to motivate students for this activity!

Last you will find a variety of printable worksheets that can be used for more practice or assessments.

★ Coloring activity- color the correct type of FAAVS.

★ Trash can activity- finding million dollar words for the trash can words

★ Sentence writing activity

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