Parent Teacher Conference Forms- Editable

Parent Teacher Conference Forms- Editable


These PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCE FORMS come in Powerpoint and PDF. They can be FULLY EDITED to meet the needs of your class and to personalize the information for each student. Add your data and keep track of student progress throughout the year! They print well in Black and White too!


What is included?

  • Choosing Conference Times Form
  • Conference Confirmation Form
  • Check Out Work While You Wait Sign
  • Conference Sign to put on the door.
  • Class Conference Schedule I like to put this on the door too so parents can be mindful of times.
  • Grades and Test Scores Chart (3 versions) The test score section is set up for MAP scores and reading levels.
  • Learning Goals (3 versions) to document strengths, challenges, goals, and action steps to meet the goals.
  • Behavior and Work Ethic Goals to make goals in behavior and work habits!

Go to this blog post for more ideas for STUDENT LED CONFERENCES.


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