Reading Response Notebook

Reading Response Notebook


NEWLY REVISED WITH MANY ADD ONS! This reading response notebook will save you time and provide your students with an abundance of both important FICTION AND NONFICTION skills and strategies to be used with any book. It is ideal for whole group, small group, centers, book clubs, and homework. The pages can be used multiple times to help students get a clear understanding of each skill. There are specific questions for each skill or strategy that guide your students to understand how to respond to that particular skill or strategy.


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What all is included in this response notebook?

★ Directions on how to put notebooks together
★ Ideas on how to use the notebook
★ Cover pages for notebook, fiction, and nonfiction
★ Tabs for fiction and nonfiction
★ Table of Contents
★ A choice of 3 tracking sheets (once, twice, quarterly)
★ A choice of 3 rubrics (individual skill, all fiction, all nonfiction)
★ 10 fiction skills/strategy response printables
★ 10 nonfiction skill/strategy response printables
★ Each printable is labeled and numbered with Common Core Standard in the top corner
★ Each printable has a line to list the book title
★ Fiction printables have a line for the type of genre
★ Nonfiction printable has a line to include the source of information (newpaper, website, book, etc)

Skills Covered:


✓ Characterization
✓ Setting Description
✓ Problem Solving
✓ Figurative Language
✓ Sequence of Events
✓ Text Illustration
✓ Point of View of 2 Characters
✓ Text Connection
✓ Questioning
✓ Summarizing


✓ Explanation
✓ Main Idea and Details
✓ Vocabulary
✓ Visuals
✓ Meaningful Quote
✓ Point of View
✓ Text Connections
✓ Questioning
✓ Text Evidence
✓ Summarize

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