TPT Narrative Writing Mini Lesson Videos | Distance Learning

TPT Narrative Writing Mini Lesson Videos | Distance Learning

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You can download and place it in Google Classroom too! There are 26 mini lesson videos designed to take you through the writing process for narrative writing. The videos were created to go along with Step-by-Step Narrative Writing resource for Grades 3-5. However, you can use them with any writing curriculum that follows the writing process. Each video is less than 5 minutes with the exception of word choice and verb usage. They are easy to pop on and let me do the teaching!

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How do you use the videos?

  • writing center
  • absent student
  • homeschool student
  • substitute
  • educator

What is included in each video?

Some or all of the following are included in each video depending on the lesson. WATCH THE PREVIEW FOR 2 MINUTES OF A SAMPLE LESSON!

  • the mini lesson information
  • practice
  • mentor text
  • model the same prompt throughout the lessons
  • encouragement to apply the lesson to students’ own writing
  • rock music at the end- Go rock your writing!

How do you access the videos?

Once you purchase here, you will download the PDF. On the PDF, there is a link to a portal of videos and a code. You will need to click on the link, create an account and put in the code. Then you can play directly from there or download the video to send to a student.

Narrative Writing Videos

N1- Narrative Elements

N2- Prewriting

N3- Task, Purpose, Audience

N4- Graphic Organizer

N5- Crafting a Plot- Suspense, Climax

N6- Introduction

N7- Body

N8- Character Traits

N9- Dialogue

N10- Conclusion

N11- Rough Draft

N12- DARE to Revise

N13- DARE- D- Delete

N14- DARE- A- Add details and transition words

N15- DARE- R- Rearrange

N16- DARE- E- Exchange- Rocking Beginnings

N17- DARE- E- Exchange- Million Dollar Words (Word Choice)

N18- DARE- E- Exchange- Sentence Variety

N19- DARE- E- Exchange- Jammin’ Conclusion

N20- Craft a Title

N21- CUPS- Capitalization

N22- CUPS- Usage

N23- CUPS- Punctuation

N24- CUPS- Spelling

N25- Peer Reflection

N26- Final Copy


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