TRANSITION WORDS TASK CARDS, Writing Task Cards, Writing Skills Practice

TRANSITION WORDS TASK CARDS, Writing Task Cards, Writing Skills Practice


NEW! These comprehensive Transition Words Task Cards are designed to enhance PARAGRAPH WRITING. This versatile set includes printable and Google task cards and offers a step-by-step approach to learning.

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Each writing task card set features carefully crafted tasks, starting off easy and gradually increasing in difficulty, including multiple-choice questions and writing prompts to write paragraphs using transition words. These task cards offer engaging opportunities to strengthen their ability in writing, keeping them motivated and challenged.


  • Printable and Google: Use one or a combination. Combination: Students can use the Google version to read the text and questions. Then, record on a printable template.
  • High-Interest Text: Topics were chosen to keep student interest.
  • Multiple-choice and Writing Prompts: Build confidence with step-by-step questioning. Works for differentiation, too.
  • Center Materials: The materials include a title, anchor charts, clear Instructions for easy implementation, a task card label for the container, and pockets to place the task cards in the center.

With clear instructions and a user-friendly format, these task cards are perfect for independent practice, small groups, centers, or whole groups. Elevate your lessons and empower your students with the writing skills to excel in paragraph and essay writing! Watch your students become confident and proficient writers!

If you have one of the Step-by-Step Writing Programs, transition word task cards are included. However, these are different if you need more practice!

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