Valentine’s Day Treat Bag Labels

Valentine’s Day Treat Bag Labels


These adorable labels are used to staple onto Valentine’s Day treat bags. There are four different styles. Use one for all students or provide a variety!

1. I’m BURSTING with joy that you are my student! (starbursts)

2. You are a ‘FIN’TASTIC Valentine! (goldfish)

3. I’m BEARY happy you are in my class! (gummy bears)

4. You will OWL-WAYS be in my heart! (chocolate hearts)

5. You can’t ERASE my love for you! (erasers)

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They are available in color or black and white. The black and white version can printed on colored paper or cardstock.

4 sizes are available: The smaller size baggies are found on Amazon.

3.2 inch width

4.0 inch width

4.2 inch width

6.5 inch width (snack bag size)


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