Word Lists for Writing

Word Lists for Writing


Word Lists for Writing is a resource to provide your students with ideas when writing poetry, paragraphs, and essays. Students often have writer’s block or struggle to brainstorm ideas for their writing. Word lists help students with brainstorming so they can put their thoughts together.

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How can the word lists be used?

  1. Narrative Writing: When children are given choice in their writing, especially in personal narratives, they often write about things they are familiar with. Many children have experience in a sport, activity, or hobby.
  2. Opinion Writing: These topics can be used for opinion prompts relating to your favorite sport, best sport, most dangerous sport, favorite season, best season for ___, etc.
  3. Informative Writing: When writing How-To’s or for a fact-based prompt related to these topics, students will have words to help them.
  4. Poetry Writing: Topics for poetry writing are often based around seasons and nature. These word lists will help students with that type of writing.

What sizes are available?

Full-page- 8.5 X 11: This size is perfect to put up in a center, place in a group, or project on a white board.

Mini-size- 4 per page: This size works well for individual students or pairs.

What categories are in the word lists?


  • basketball
  • football
  • baseball
  • soccer
  • dance
  • gymnastics
  • cheerleading
  • tennis
  • golf
  • wrestling
  • volleyball
  • swimming


  • music
  • cooking
  • camping
  • hiking
  • art
  • fishing


  • summer
  • fall
  • winter
  • spring
  • nature

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