Christmas/Holidays Around the World Research Project

Christmas/Holidays Around the World Research Project


Your students will love this Christmas Around the World Web Quest! There is a booklet and doll craft too! You can use either version: One says CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD and another says HOLIDAYS AROUND THE WORLD.

MORE OPTIONS: Along with the Teacher version, there is also a student verion. Students can have their own .pdf to follow links to the websites needed to fill out the booklet! Students get to choose from 30 different countries.

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Included in this zipfile:

1. Foldable passport

2. Christmas Around the World Web Quest- 2 versions- online link and separate pdf to send to students or place in your google drive.

3. Cute booklet for students to place the information.

4. Doll pattern.

5. A printable list of countries to choose from a hat.

6. International Food Fair information to send to parents.

7. Sign to use for a bulletin board.

8. Rubric

Students conduct research using a webquest that is ready for them with its own website or separate file! I have approved the sites given and only chose countries that are found on all the sites so that their research will be successful. Please keep in mind that sites are subject to change or get deleted, so double check before the project day and email me if there are issues! I check them in November every year.

To start, students get to fill out a foldable passport!

They have a booklet to record findings for:

1. Flag

2. Location

3. How to say Merry Christmas

4. 3 History Facts

5. Environment/Climate

6. 3 Holiday Traditions for Christmas Around the World

7. Recipe

8. A chart to fill in while listening to classmates’ presentations

Also included in this file:

★ A DOLL pattern so students can dress up a doll according to their country. A link is included to give them ideas!

★ Information and handouts for an International Food Fair

★ A list of countries for drawing out of hat

★ A sign for a bulletin board

★ A rubric for the completed project!

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