Christmas Synonyms

Christmas Synonyms


Do you need a center idea or educational game for the holidays? Below you see a description for the Christmas Synonyms: A Gift of Synonyms resource.

This is also part of our Christmas bundle loaded with literacy activities:

Christmas Literacy Bundle- at a bundle price!

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What is included for the language arts center?

1. Instructions to display in the center

2. 30 colorful cards (A Black and White version is also included)

3. A student template to write answers.

4. Answer Key

How is the game played?

Make sure to shuffle the cards! Then play concentration. The first student turns two cards over to see if they match as synonyms. If they don’t match, that student turns them back over in the same spot and the it is the next student’s turn. It is best to play in pairs or small groups. Continue playing until all the cards are matched. The student with the most matches wins the game. Then have students write the answers on a sheet of paper.

No color printer? No worries! There is a black and white version to save black ink. Print them on colored paper!


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