Editable Classroom Team Jobs

Editable Classroom Team Jobs


★★★Jobs for the Classroom★★★

Let the students take responsibility for cleaning up the classroom! Be a team! Assign two people per job. 7 color options available – black and white included!

The title has full color. The others I paste on construction paper and laminate. Use clothespins with the students’ names on them to rotate to the different jobs each week. (a picture is included of my display)

Which jobs are included?

★Library Team
★Supplies Team
★Floor Team
★Pencil Team
★Cafe Team
★Chairs Team
★Teacher Assistant
★Clean Team
★Board Team
★Geek Squad
★Cubbies Team
★Line Leader
★Sanitation Crew

In the zip file:
1. A pdf WITH already made posters.

2. A powerpoint WITH all slides that are EDITABLE

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