Colonial Unit | Digital and Print

Colonial Unit | Digital and Print


Colony Unit This comprehensive colonial unit includes all the information needed to teach colonization in your classroom. No textbook is needed! It includes well-crafted informational text and activities in chronological order. It is now available in GOOGLE, POWERPOINT AND PDF.


  • COLONIAL UNIT TEACHER PDF: Plans, study guides, crafts, printables, answer keys and links for GOOGLE.
  • COLONIAL UNIT TEXT AND ACTIVITIES: Google Slides AND Powerpoint with everything from the printable PDF except the study guides, crafts, and answer keys.
  • COLONIAL UNIT SELF-CHECK REVIEW: There is a Google Slides AND Powerpoint Self-check review for both sections in this unit: European Settlements / Colonization.
  • QUIZZES: There are two quizzes- at the end of each unit in COLONIAL TEXT AND ACTIVITIES OR there is a link to GOOGLE FORMS for automatic grading.
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What is included in the Colony Unit?

Complete 5 weeks of lesson plans. including crafts and food ideas.

Informational Text full page and a 1/2 Page Booklet

Vocabulary Chart

Columbian Exchange informational text and questions

Columbian Exchange T-Charts (3)

Spain in the New World informational text and 4 W’s Chart

France in the New World informational text and Cause and Effect activity

England in the New World informational text and comprehension graphic organizer

Quiz on European Settlements

European Settlements in North America Study Guide

European Territories in 1682 Map Activity

Triple Venn Diagram of Spain, France, and England

Test on European Settlements

Original Colonies Chart

Southern Colonies Informational Text (2 pages)

Fill in the blank questions on the Lost Colony

Open Ended response questions on Jamestown

New England Colonies Informational Text (2 pages)

Fill in the blank questions on Plymouth

Middle Colonies informational Text and open ended response questions

Teacher and Student Triangular Trade Route Map

Triangular Trade Route activity and journal questions.

Study Guide for Colonization

3- page test



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