Revolutionary War People Unit

Revolutionary War People Unit


Revolutionary War People

★★★★★★★★You will find lesson plans, informational text, activities, chart for notes, web links, student printables, a study guide and test to go along with important people in the Revolutionary War. It is now available in GOOGLE, POWERPOINT AND PDF.


  • REVOLUTIONARY PEOPLE UNIT TEACHER PDF: Plans, study guides, printables, answer keys and links for GOOGLE.
  • REVOLUTIONARY PEOPLE TEXT AND ACTIVITIES: Google Slides AND Powerpoint with everything from the printable PDF except the study guides, plans, and answer keys.
  • REVOLUTIONARY PEOPLE SELF-CHECK REVIEW: There is a Google Slides AND Powerpoint Self-check review.
  • QUIZ: There is a quiz at the end of the unit in TEXT AND ACTIVITIES OR there is a link to GOOGLE FORMS for automatic grading.
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What Revolutionary War People are covered?

 Benjamin Franklin

 King George III

 Patrick Henry

 Paul Revere

 John Hancock

 Thomas Jefferson

 George Washington

 Molly Pitcher

 John Adams

 Abigail Adams

 Marquis de LaFayette

 Crispus Attucks

 Peter Salem

 Phyllis Wheatley

 Mercy Otis Warren

 Benedict Arnold

 James Armistead

 Sybil Ludington

 Deborah Samson

 Nathan Hale

 John Paul Jones

 Thomas Paine

 General Cornwallis

 Ethan Allen

 Nathanael Greene

 Samuel Adams

 Thomas Gage

 Francis Marion

 Alexander Hamilton

 Bernardo de Galvez

 Richard Henry Lee


What Revolutionary War People skills and activities are covered?

 2-page Informational Article with questions


 Poem and Letter Compare and Contrast


 Sign Like John Hancock


 Notice, Think, Wonder – Critical Thinking

 Point of View Letter Writing


 Content Comprehension


 Fill in Blank


 Game Cards/Flash Cards

 Historical Bio Poem

 Study Guide and Test


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