Government Informational Text Booklet

Government Informational Text Booklet


This Government Informational Text Booklet contains information on 16 events related to American government. It is organized in chronological order and perfect for any research project.


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The following are included:

1. Articles of Confederation

2. Declaration of Independence

3. Treaty of Paris

4. Shays’ Rebellion

5. The Virginia Plan

6. The New Jersey Plan

7. The Great Compromise

8. Three-Fifths Compromise

9. Northwest Ordinance of 1787

10. The Constitution

11. Preamble

12. Three Branches of Government

13. Federalists

14. Antifederalists

15. George Washington

16. Bill of Rights


Version 1- The pages are in number order. Print, cut and staple.

Version 2- The pages are made for printing front/back and then fold in half.

This booklet is also included in our Government Unit and American History Mega Bundle

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