Power of a Dream | Analyzing Song Lyrics | I Have a Dream Writing | MLK

Power of a Dream | Analyzing Song Lyrics | I Have a Dream Writing | MLK


NEWLY UPDATED! Motivate students to learn how to analyze poetry through analyzing song lyrics! I love to introduce the song “The Power of the Dream” by Celine Dion around Martin Luther King Jr. Day because her song is based around following your dreams.

This song encourages you to not only dream, but to act upon it. When we dream, it gives us a spark with strength and hope. Our vision tells us what we will do. The power of our soul and heart will take us there. The song reminds us to never give up on our dreams.

This is part of a January Writing Bundle:

January Winter Writing Bundle

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What does this resource include?

1. Questions to use for analyzing song lyrics. (rhyme scheme, figurative language, illustration, defining words, text-to-world connection, and analyzing lines, the title, and the meaning of the whole song)

2. A Dream Cloud to write about a future dream and how they will achieve it.

(There are 2 line spacing options.)

3. A sign to use for a hall display or bulletin board.

4. Answer Key


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