Reading Comprehension Strategies Posters

Reading Comprehension Strategies Posters


Reading Comprehension is a difficult task for upper elementary students. These strategy anchor charts, cards, and practice sheets will help them understand at a deeper level!


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★★★ There are 10 colorful and illustrated posters ( choice of blue, green, orange, or white)

★★★ Cards with the same information in all colors

★★★ A practice sheet for each strategy:

1. Making Connections- Text-to-Self

2. Making Connections- Text-to-Text

3. Making Connections- Text-to-World

4. Questioning

5. Visualizing Fiction

6. Visualizing Beyond the Text

7. Visualizing Non Fiction

8. Inferring

9. Determining Importance

10. Synthesizing


I place the 8 1/2 X 11 posters on a bulletin board and use them on the smart board when needed. These can also be made into larger posters.


I copy the cards and place them in student response journal. I also cut out the cards and use them in literacy circles and centers.


These printables can be used with your choice of text.

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