Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions Text Dependent Analysis Bundle

Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions Text Dependent Analysis Bundle


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Engage your students with high-interest reading comprehension passages designed for every 4th Grade LITERACY AND INFORMATIONAL STANDARD. Each lengthy passage is written with 3 differentiated reading levels with or without a dyslexic font to meet the needs of all your students. They are perfect for CLOSE READING. The full-page passage provides students with a complete narrative, drama, poem, or informational text to answer the questions effectively. The levels of differentiation range from 550-1000 for Grades 3-6. It is aligned to 4th Grade and works well for 5th Grade teachers because many of the standards overlap and there are lower and higher levels for differentiation.

The questions were formulated in a STEP-BY-STEP process. There are 10 multiple choice questions in the form of TASK CARDS or a worksheet. These questions were designed for students to get familiar with the text with some deeper-level questions mixed in. Then there are 10 rigorous open-ended questions specifically designed for text-dependent analysis so students can think critically and question their assumptions.

This resource is perfect for any classroom that has students ranging from 3rd Grade- 6th Grade reading levels.

Check out a free sample of COMPREHENSION PASSAGES HERE

What is included?

★ Reading Comprehension Passages: There are 38 full-page passages with 3 Levels of Differentiation- Total of 76 Passages. There are 2 passages per Common Core Standard with the standard written on the page.

★ Dyslexia Version: All of the passages have a dyslexia-friendly font. This is ideal for differentiating for your Dyslexic learners. The font is called Open Dyslexic. Although there is no research behind it as far as fluency or comprehension, I include it for a preference. Some kids will automatically choose it and say they can read it better. My thought is this, if it can help one child, then it is a win! There are actual books written in the font, like the Hank series by Henry Winkler. Interesting!

★ Step 1 Questions- Multiple Choice: For each passage, there are multiple choice questions in the form of a worksheet or task cards. They are perfect for centers and group work.

★ Step 2 Questions- Open-Ended: There are 10 questions per passage that work for all 3 reading levels. The last question is a text-dependent analysis prompt. There are 2 Formats of Open-Ended Questions. There is a 2-page version with lines and a 1-page version without lines (Students can write answers on a separate piece of paper or in a notebook to save paper.)

★ Teacher Version: This file includes all 3 student versions, teacher notes, and answer keys.

★ 3 Student Versions: There are 3 levels of passages. For each level, there is a student PDF file that can be sent to students. The questions are included.

★ Answer Keys: PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN THE TEACHER EDITION! ANSWER KEYS AREN’T INCLUDED IN THE STUDENT LEVELED FILES. They are included for all questions. For each open-ended answer key, teachers will know which questions are directly related to the standard. The answers that are bold-faced are related to the standard.

Literacy Text Standards


What skills are covered?

✓ Inference

✓ Theme

✓ Prediction

✓ Summarize/Main Idea

✓ Character Traits

✓ Character Development

✓ Plot/Conflict/Climax

✓ Setting

✓ Quote Analysis

✓ Mythology

✓ Allusions

✓ Drama/Prose/Poetry

✓ Point of View

✓ Text and Visuals

✓ Description

✓ Text Evidence

✓ Compare and Contrast

✓ Text Connections

Informational Text Standards


✓ Inference

✓ Supporting Details

✓ Summarize

✓ Explanation

✓ Words and Phrases

✓ Text Structures

✓ Compare/Contrast

✓ Cause/Effect

✓ Chronology

✓ Firsthand Accounts

✓ Interpret Information

✓ Text Features

✓ Charts/Graphs

✓ Text Evidence

✓ Author’s Reasons

✓ Combining Two Texts

✓ Comprehend Information

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