4th Grade Reading Comprehension Passages Bundle

4th Grade Reading Comprehension Passages Bundle


Engage your students with high-interest reading comprehension passages designed for every 4th Grade LITERACY AND INFORMATIONAL STANDARD. Each lengthy passage is written with 3 differentiated reading levels with or without a dyslexic font to meet the needs of all your students. They are perfect for CLOSE READING. The full-page passage provides students with a complete narrative, drama, poem, or informational text to answer the questions effectively. The levels of differentiation range from 550-1000 for Grades 3-6.

The questions were formulated in a STEP-BY-STEP process. There are 10 multiple choice questions in the form of TASK CARDS or a worksheet. These questions were designed for students to get familiar with the text with some deeper-level questions mixed in. Then there are 10 rigorous open-ended questions specifically designed for text-dependent analysis so students can think critically and question their assumptions.

This resource is perfect for any classroom that has students ranging from 3rd Grade- 6th Grade reading levels.

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What is included?

★ Reading Comprehension Passages: There are 38 full-page passages with 3 Levels of Differentiation- Total of 76 Passages. There are 2 passages per Common Core Standard with the standard written on the page.

★ Dyslexia Version: All of the passages have a dyslexia-friendly font. This is ideal for differentiating for your Dyslexic learners. The font is called Open Dyslexic. Although there is no research behind it as far as fluency or comprehension, I include it for a preference. Some kids will automatically choose it and say they can read it better. My thought is this, if it can help one child, then it is a win! There are actual books written in the font, like the Hank series by Henry Winkler. Interesting!

★ Step 1 Questions- Multiple Choice: For each passage, there are multiple choice questions in the form of a worksheet or task cards. They are perfect for centers and group work.

★ Step 2 Questions- Open-Ended: There are 10 questions per passage that work for all 3 reading levels. The last question is a text-dependent analysis prompt. There are 2 Formats of Open-Ended Questions. There is a 2-page version with lines and a 1-page version without lines (Students can write answers on a separate piece of paper or in a notebook to save paper.)

★ Teacher Version: This file includes all 3 student versions, teacher notes, and answer keys.

★ 3 Student Versions: There are 3 levels of passages. For each level, there is a student PDF file that can be sent to students. The questions are included.

★ Answer Keys: PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN THE TEACHER EDITION! ANSWER KEYS AREN’T INCLUDED IN THE STUDENT LEVELED FILES. They are included for all questions. For each open-ended answer key, teachers will know which questions are directly related to the standard. The answers that are bold-faced are related to the standard.

Literacy Text Standards


What skills are covered?

✓ Inference

✓ Theme

✓ Prediction

✓ Summarize/Main Idea

✓ Character Traits

✓ Character Development

✓ Plot/Conflict/Climax

✓ Setting

✓ Quote Analysis

✓ Mythology

✓ Allusions

✓ Drama/Prose/Poetry

✓ Point of View

✓ Text and Visuals

✓ Description

✓ Text Evidence

✓ Compare and Contrast

✓ Text Connections

Informational Text Standards


✓ Inference

✓ Supporting Details

✓ Summarize

✓ Explanation

✓ Words and Phrases

✓ Text Structures

✓ Compare/Contrast

✓ Cause/Effect

✓ Chronology

✓ Firsthand Accounts

✓ Interpret Information

✓ Text Features

✓ Charts/Graphs

✓ Text Evidence

✓ Author’s Reasons

✓ Combining Two Texts

✓ Comprehend Information

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