Revolutionary War Causes Unit

Revolutionary War Causes Unit


Revolutionary War Causes: Loaded with Informational Text on Revolutionary War Causes for Smart Board, poster, or student booklet! Lesson plans (with website and video links) and a chart for notes included!


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What Revolutionary War Causes are covered?

★ French and Indian War

★ Benjamin Franklin Political Cartoon

★ Proclamation of 1763

★ Quartering Act Slide

★ Stamp Act

★ No Taxation

★ Townshend Acts

★ Boston Massacre

★ Tea Act

★ Boston Tea Party

★ King George

★ Intolerable Acts

★ First Continental Congress

★ Patrick Henry

What Revolutionary War Causes activities/skills are included?

✓ Independence Activity

✓ French and Indian Article with comprehension questions

✓ Student Poem with rubric

✓ 5 Senses

✓ Notice, Think, Wonder Critical Thinking

✓ Grievances and Effects

✓ Feeling Words

✓ Opinion Writing

✓ Fun Tax Activity with Skittles

✓ Vocabulary

✓ Connections

✓ Content Comprehension

✓ Study Guide and Test (plus quizlet link for student play)

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