Sentence Structure GOOGLE Version

Sentence Structure GOOGLE Version


This SENTENCE STRUCTURE UNIT unit has most of the same content as my popular Sentence Structure Unit in PDF form. It is in the form of POWERPOINT and GOOGLE. It is loaded with teaching tools to give your students a good foundation of sentence writing! You will like that it is Common Core aligned and completely editable! Please SEE THE PREVIEW to check out the quality of this resource!

Distance Learning:

(Be careful not to put the Google links or PowerPoints on a public website. For copyright purposes, websites need to be password protected)

You will find:

✓ TEACHER NOTES: It includes scripted notes, links, and answer keys.

✓ SENTENCE STRUCTURE SLIDES 1: There is a GOOGLE AND POWERPOINT version. It includes anchor charts, interactive notes, and practice.

✓ SENTENCE STRUCTURE SLIDES 2: There is a GOOGLE AND POWERPOINT version. It includes a self-check practice for each skill.

✓ GOOGLE FORMS QUIZ: It has automatic grading.


Complete Subjects/Predicates

Simple Subjects/Predicates

Complete Sentences


Sentence or Fragment?

Run-ons with conjunctions- FANBOYS


1. TEACHER NOTES: This includes lesson plans and ideas including SCRIPTS so you know what to say, links to the google resources, and answer keys.

2. ANCHOR CHARTS: There are 5 anchor charts to help with the different skills. (This is in Sentence Structure Slides 1)

3. DIGITAL INTERACTIVE NOTE-TAKING: These are slides for note-taking with each skill (Subjects and Predicates, Fragments, Run-On Sentences) with directions and moveable pieces. (This is in Sentence Structure Slides 1)

4. PRACTICE: There are 4 slides for each of the skills. There are directions. Some have moveable pieces and others have text boxes. These are great for independent work and homework. (This is in Sentence Structure Slides 1)

5. SELF-CHECK PRACTICE: This Google Slides or PowerPoint needs to be placed in presentation mode. Students click the answers and it automatically tells them if they are right or wrong. If it is wrong, it goes back to the question. This one does not track and report the right and wrong answers. There are 24 questions per skill (Subjects and Predicates, Fragments, Run-On Sentences.)

6. ASSESSMENT: There are two versions. This is in Sentence Structure Slides 1 or GOOGLE FORMS for automatic grading.

Answer Keys are included in the teacher notes!

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