Step-By-Step Narrative Writing for Primary

Step-By-Step Narrative Writing for Primary


This Step-by-Step Writing® Unit has EVERYTHING needed to teach Narrative Writing for primary grades. It is specifically designed for teachers to follow through the WRITING PROCESS with already prepped anchor charts, modeled lessons, mentor text, interactive notebooks, and practice. Every lesson builds upon the previous skill within one piece of writing, which gives students a thorough understanding of how to put a quality narrative together. Lessons are aligned to Common Core Standards.

FOR PRIMARY GRADES: The lessons are designed for second and third grade. It can also be used later in the year in first grade or for differentiation. You will find:

  • Modeling for 1 paragraph as well as for a 5-paragraph essay.
  • Mostly flaps for the interactive notes for easy cutting.
  • Option of regular lines and primary lines.
  • Interactive Notes completed or with easy sentence frames


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This resource includes:

 Scripted Lessons (Detailed lesson plans on what to say)

 Anchor Charts

 Differentiated Interactive Pages

 Model Writing (For each step that builds into a quality story)

★ Original Mentor Text to show the mini-lessons in quality writing

★ Mentor Text Examples Using Goldilocks and the Three Bears

★ Suggested Mentor Text List of quality published books

 Student Practice Worksheets

 Task Cards (Great for centers or extra practice)

 Narrative Writing Checklists including post-it size checklists

 Common Core Checklist

 Million Dollar Dictionary and Mini-Thesaurus

 Tracking Form

 Writing Goal Form

 Peer reflection Form

 Personal reflection Form

 Rubrics (3-point and 4-point)

 Final Copy Templates

 Writing Prompt Cards

 Weekly Writing Guide for Students


List of Lessons

(A sample is provided to model and follow through the writing process)

1. Narrative Elements

2. Prewriting- How to Brainstorming

3. Prewriting- Using Graphic Organizers for Narrative Writing

4. Writing an Introduction (Character, Setting, Plot)

5. Writing a Body (Includes Power of 3, Suspense, Climax)

6. Character Traits

7. How to Use Dialogue (for 3rd Grade and Differentiation in other grades)

8. Writing a Conclusion

9. Strategies to Write a Rough Draft

10. How to Form a Writing Goal

11. DARE to Revise (How to Delete, Add, Rearrange, Exchange)

12. How to Write a Rockin’ Beginning (Strong Leads)

13. Using Transition Words

14. Word Choice -Million Dollar Words- (higher-level for differentiation)

15. How to Write a Jammin’ Conclusion

16. How to Craft a Title

17. CUPS to Edit

18. Editing Capitalization

19. Editing Usage

20. Editing Punctuation

21. Editing Spelling

22. Rules for Peer Reflections

23. Writing a Final Copy



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Scaffolding through the writing process continues to be an effective and successful approach to teach writing. Every lesson builds upon the previous skill within one piece of writing. This provides students with a thorough understanding of how to put a quality piece of writing together. It helps even the most reluctant writers become ROCKSTAR WRITERS™! One proven study shows that 98% of two classes using the program scored in the exceptional range on state testing. Now thousands of teachers are having the same success.

This resource is packed with ways to MOTIVATE-EDUCATE-DIFFERENTIATE! You will find your students engaged, have already prepped lessons for explicit teaching, and receive jammin’ ideas for differentiation.

What happens if you don’t have confidence in teaching writing?

No problem! After 26 years teaching in the classroom, a Masters Degree and National Board Certification, I now serve as a writing coach and curriculum designer. I created this all-inclusive STEP-BY-STEP WRITING® program to share my SECRET TO WRITING SUCCESS. I offer an exclusive Facebook Group to anyone with this writing program. It will guide and support you through a year of writing. If you are interested in detailed training, I also offer professional development. Writing is my jam!