Editable Weekly Reading Log – Fiction and Non Fiction

Editable Weekly Reading Log – Fiction and Non Fiction


This is a must have! Get your students writing for their reading logs! It will keep them accountable for their reading. Do you want to change something? No problem! It is now editable!

3 Versions:
1. Mon-Thurs to record minutes and turn in Friday.
2. Sun-Sat. to record minutes- Pick a day to start and turn in.
3. Editable without graphics

Each week students are required to read a FICTION AND NONFICTION text and have a specific response questions related to the Common Core WITH reading strategies. Students record minutes, genre or book source and write a response to their two readings for a grade at the end of the week.

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Response Questions Include:

✓ Text Connection
✓ Visualization
✓ Questioning
✓ Character Traits and Connection
✓ Story Elements
✓ Meaningful dialogue
✓ Sequence
✓ Point of View
✓ Summarize

✓ Summarize
✓ Text Structures/Organization
✓ Nonfiction elements
✓ Questioning
✓ Text to World Connection
✓ Facts and Opinions
✓ Meaningful Quote
✓ Point of View
✓ Vocabulary- Key Words

Pages can be printed front/back.

Minutes per grade: 3rd grade should read 30 minutes each day, 4th grade 40 minutes each day, and 5th grade 50 minutes each day. There is a box for grading and ideas of how to grade are included.

The beauty about this reading log, is it can be repeated each nine weeks, because students will be reading new material. They will have a review of the reading skills/strategies each quarter!

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