Westward Expansion Informational Text Booklet

Westward Expansion Informational Text Booklet


This Westward Expansion Informational Text Booklet has 25 chronological events or people related to moving west in America.


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The booklet includes:

1. Daniel Boone

2. Westward Expansion: Northwest Ordinance

3. Westward Expansion: Louisiana Purchase

4. Lewis and Clark- Thomas Jefferson

5. Sacagawea

6. Seminole Wars

7. Acquisition of Florida

8. Santa Fe Trail

9. Indian Removal Act

10. Battle of the Alamo

11. Trail of Tears

12. Oregon Trail

13. Manifest Destiny

14. California Trail

15. Annexation of Texas

16. Mormons

17. Mormon Trail

18. Oregon Treaty

19. Oregon Fever

20. Mexican Cession

21. Gold Rush

22. Gadsden Purchase

23. Pony Express

24. Telegraph

25. Pacific Railroad Act


Version 1- The pages are in number order. Print, cut and staple.

Version 2- The pages are made for printing front/back and then fold in half.

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